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People start experiencing the great urge to cough. Usually, the cough is dry.

The pain is not sharp, yet it causes a dry cough. It may be hard to swallow.

People start experiencing fever in 4-5 days. Prior to this, you just feel weak.

You are not able to take a deep breath because of extremely sharp lung pain.

By touching a million things during the day we are most likely gathering bacteria

Dra. Sylvia Sánchez Oller, Ph.D.

Clínica de Terapia
Familiar, Pareja  e Infanto-Juvenil

De la entrada principal de la Universidad Nacional, 200 metros Oeste y 50 al Norte. Casa de dos pisos a mano izquierda, color blanco con portón gris.

lunes a viernes de 7:00 am a 6:00. pm.

Teléfono: (+506) 22 37 80 76
Whatsapp: (+506) 87 80 59 38
San José
Torre Médica, 4o. piso. Diagonal a Hospital Nacional de Niños. Paseo Colón. San José.

lunes a viernes de 8:00 am a 4:00 pm.

Teléfono: (+506) 22 21 13 33
Whatsapp: (+506) 87 80 59 38

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